Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Like a Ravioli

"We call him the Grandaddy", the neighbor man told me, speaking of the huge pecan tree at the edge of our sweet little homestead.  It was love at first sight for me, because I left Oklahoma with lots of trees and my kids, so if I couldn't be close to the kids at least give me some trees.  

It's not a place you go.  It's a place you enter.  With limbs bowing to earth, it's like entering a room.  A holy place.  I feel different when I'm in there.

 Hemmed in.

Even the hanging metal swing/chair my sweet hubby gave me wraps around me like a cocoon.  A metal prayer shawl, if you will.

Psalms 134 : 5-6  You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain it.

I've felt very loved on by the Lord the last week or so.  Over and over He has reminded me of His protection and love.  Of being hemmed in.  I'm so amazed by Him.

Over and over He has reminded.  Kneeling at prayer place with blanket over my head, He reminded me.  Hemmed.

Ravioli on the cover of a magazine makes my face smile.
Just like that !
Just like ravioli !
Tucked in and sealed in, safe and sound.  Pinched around the edges.  Hemmed.

Michael reaching over to tuck sheet in all down behind me so I have plenty of covering.  Tucked.  Hemmed.

Giving shoulder and wrapping arms around grieving grandma after holding the little one for the last time.   Praying she felt the comfort of the Comforter.  Hemmed in by Him.

Momma hen crawling on quilt nest, moving babies-not-done around to cook on the other side, then sitting full down. Hemming them in.  Sweet protection.

Not only does He hem me in, it says also that He lays His hand upon me.  

When my babies were little, after I rocked them to sleep, I would lay them down and put my hand gently on the side of their little face to comfort them until they were resting deeply.  Feeling safe.  Feeling hemmed outside the womb by their momma.

He loves me like that.  He keeps showing me over and over.

Because Monday had an interruption not expected and because Tuesday had a stomach bug not expected, I'm just now posting my list of thanks.

. . . Grandaddy tree

. . . boys' voices on the phone

. . . hope in voice

. . . letter of blessing from someone I love

. . .  reminders of love from Him

. . . clean bedroom

. . . clean laundry room

. . . seeing girl I miss

. . . talking to girl I really miss

. . . cocoon chair/swing

. . . prayer places

2 thoughts:

Brad said...

Oh my wife is going to want to come see that tree...

Carol said...

I'll have supper ready when you get here!