Thursday, November 10, 2011

Show the Grace

I've watched them.  Watched as they made an effort to encourage, draw in; even though they know what has been said behind their backs.  Things said untrue.  Things said for the world to hear.

Watched them invite, even though they have been taken aside and chewed out for things they knew not.  Chewed out because someone needed to feel powerful in their own skin.

I've held them.  Held as they cried because why do we have to keep trying when it doesn't do any good?  Cried because it hurts deep within their sweet souls to see no change.

I've encouraged them.  Encouraged them to grace.

Because it doesn't matter what others say.  It matters what He says.  And One Day He will talk to all of us, one by one, and tell us how much He loved when we graced.

And as I write, the water drops to the keyboard because I want to tell them they don't have to try any more.  To grace any more.

I can't.

Because One Day . . .

7 thoughts:

Grace & Bryan Willnerd said...

I get reminded to 'grace' a lot. It also makes life easier to know Revolations 3:17...realizing that we are all poor, pitiful, blind and naked without Him.

Carol said...

That we are, sweet Grace. I actually thought of you this morning while I was driving back home - what a great reminder you have every day. Pray for the girls, it's just not always real easy, which I know you know well.

Grace & Bryan Willnerd said...

High school is never glad that part of my life is completed and I'm on to other issues! As you taught me, people cross you mind for a reason and when they do you should pray for them.

Mom always says she knew she would need extra grace with me, so she thought the best reminded would be to name me that.

ArtyMarti said...

Grace is in such short supply anymore, I wish I could plant a grace tree in my front yard, with a sign that says--gift from God.

Audrey @ DefrumpMe said...

Grace has been the key word in my life right now! God has been reminding me of His grace and how much it can transform my life each and every day! This post was very thought-provoking. Thanks so much!

Jennifer @ said...

Encouraging others to grace... This is hard work, but it's good work -- and even if they don't see the short-term payoff, the long-term rewards will be spectacular!

Press on, dear-heart. You. Are. Beautiful.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Hi Carol - just popping in to let you know that I have given you the “Liebster Award” because your blog is one of my favorites ;o) Please stop by my blog at for all the details! So glad you are part of the Ruby for Women community ;o) Nina @ mamas*little*treasures and Ruby for Women