Friday, September 9, 2011

Leah is SEVENTEEN!!!!

Leah wanted to be grown up when she was two.  I saw her independence really shine when we took the family to the zoo.  She always wanted to walk ahead of everyone else.  Like she was there by herself.

She had and has a fascination with electronics.  She figured out how to get to the coloring pages of a Bible program we had on the computer.  She also figured out how to copy them for her sisters to color.  As I was cooking supper, I watched her go back and forth from our room to the play room taking coloring pages to her sisters.  She was three.

She couldn't wait to have her own room.  One day she brought a little step stool, her blanket, and her lambie and put it right by our bedroom door.  Told us that was going to be her bedroom.  Now she wants her own car.

On Sunday mornings she works the sound for the service.  She has all the microphones ready to go and has everything her daddy needs in it's place.  She makes sure he doesn't have to worry about getting any of the sound stuff together.  After the service she gathers all of his things while he visits with church family.  Last Sunday I watched as she went up and took his glasses out of his pocket to put them in his office.  He couldn't do it without her.  It's her ministry.

I love you Peas.  You are precious to me.

2 thoughts:

Ash said...

Ok Carol, so you are making me ultra emotional reading all your posts about the kids....seriously, is there a more beautiful family out there????? Say it isn't so that the girls are GROWN. No! I won't accept it. I love you all....sweet posts.

Jane Kuan said...

Enjoy reading your blog. What a lovely and happy family. Welcome to visit my dear home