Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hay Ride

Michael borrowed a tractor from Drew so we could take the kids on a hayride. I don't think they were as excited as I was at first, but we all had such a good time.

Keith and Sherri came in and spent the evening with us. Eli and Avery will be married one day so I took a lot of pictures for their slideshow at their wedding.

We didn't freeze too much even when we had to jump off for a few "minor" repairs. Thank the Lord we had several strapping young men to fix things!

The last one is Uncle Adam playing with his favorite niece. Sweet.


We went outside in the freezing weather and took pictures so the kids could keep their momma happy. I'm HAPPY! I love them so much and we have such a good time.

There are no individual pictures of Hannah, Leah, and Rachel because we took some in August. You can see them here.

I hope every year when we do our jumping pictures that we have one or two more babies in the air.
So precious.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Living Room Floor

Three different times in the last week, I have heard the phrase “in your living room floor”. Two of those times the speakers were talking about our Sunday Night Bible studies in Stillwater. In both instances we were reminiscing about the sweet times when that room was full of girls – some in pajama pants, many without makeup – just ready to learn from the Word.

So many times on Sunday afternoon as I was cooking something for the girls to eat I would be praying that the Lord would speak to us. To all of us. I never felt prepared enough. Never felt worthy enough to be the one He chose to love on those precious girls. He did ask me to be available, and although there were many nights I felt unprepared, He always came through for us. I still get to reap the benefits of it almost on a weekly basis when someone calls and catches me up on their lives, their families, and their walks with the Lord. I love it.

The other mention of the living room floor was someone talking about walking in at Christmas and seeing the boys wrestling. Every time we all get together at Christmas, there is at least one wrestling match. Sometimes it is just Kyle and Adam; sometimes the whole group gets involved. My living room isn’t very big but that doesn’t matter.

When we first moved to Ennis I worried a little that there wouldn’t be enough beds for all the kids when they were home at the same time. The first time they were all here I went on to bed before they did. When I got up the next morning to cook breakfast I walked into the living room and all the kids were asleep. In the living room floor. The beds were empty. I treasure it.

A few weeks back that floor was covered with packages and paper – so much stuff, you couldn’t see the carpet. Kids were laughing and watching others open gifts. I looked over and saw Journey crawling on top of boxes and Eli opening his presents with so much excitement. For a minute I imagined the room full, growing in number year after year.

Cathy gave me a little framed print once that says, “I knew I would look back at the tears and laugh, but I never thought I would look back at the laughter and cry.” As I think back at all the memories made in our living room floor, whatever town we lived in, I remember the noise and the laughter and it makes me a little teary. I cherish it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

This Jesus, Whom I Proclaim

I want this year to be different. I still want to lose weight, and I got some Oil of Olay with my wedding money that will take years off my appearance. I want to walk slower and stay home more.

There is a burning inside me though, that won't stop. A burning that says I need to do MORE than the same old things.

Michael is starting a series in I Thessalonians and Sunday gave the background of when Paul went to visit Thessalonica on his journeys. Right before he and Silas went to Thessalonica they were in Philippi. They were beaten and put in prison. Even though they had to be in so much physical pain, they sang and praised God. No, listen, they SANG and PRAISED GOD!

Long story short: there was an earthquake, the shackles fell off and the jailer was going to take his life because he thought everyone had escaped, when Paul let him know they were all still in there. The jailer saw something in Paul's eyes and heard something in his voice that was foreign to him. He observed his actions and knew there was something about this man and his friend that was different than any one he had ever seen before.

He wanted what Paul had. Who Paul had.

He asked what he needed to do to be saved and Paul told him to believe on the Lord Jesus and he would be saved. That simple. There was no aisle and no altar call. There were just three men - one with a need and the other two who knew the One Who could meet that need.

Some people think you need to stand on street corners and tell people about Jesus. Maybe sometimes you do. I'm kinda thinking that maybe people should come to Jesus because they see something in me they want.

Have you ever had someone come up and say to you, "I want what you have!", knowing they need their heart shaped hole filled by the Only One Who could take up every spot? That will only happen if there is something in your eyes, voice, and actions that
proclaims Jesus.

I want that. I want people to want Jesus because of me.

When Paul stood before the people after his release, he studied with them for three days, then he said, "This Jesus, whom I proclaim to you, is the Christ."

He was telling these Jewish people that Jesus was the King they were looking for.

I can't get that phrase out of my mind. Been thinking about it since yesterday.

This Jesus, Whom I proclaim - This Jesus, Whom I proclaim - This Jesus, Whom I proclaim.

If you saw me driving down I-45 you might think I'm a christian because I don't drive over the speed limit (that was for you Marla and Ashlee), or because you see a Cowboy Church of Ennis sticker on the back of my mini van. I proclaim to be a christian, but when I interact with others on a daily basis, do they see Jesus enough to want Him?

Not often enough.

So by the end of 2011, I hope to be a skinnier, more youthful me who walks instead of scurries. My greatest desire though, is that I hear - more than once - "I want what you have".

Please God, more than once.