Monday, November 2, 2009

One More

Here is one more video to show what I live with at my house. Constantly. The girls are always picking on each other, wrestling, laughing - anything to get a break from school. They did the voice alter thing and it is especially funny when Michael talks and says "Oh sweet" as he walks away.

Our lives are crazy. I love almost every minute of it.

Hannah family Song

Hannah wrote this song last Christmas when the kids were in. We only had about 14 hours with all of them at the same time and we made the most of it. We'll have to try to do that again this year working around new jobs and, prayerfully, renewed jobs. More on that later.

Once again, she begins singing and adds things as she goes.

Girls Playing Around

The girls love playing on this computer and altering the voices. There are several I'm going to upload so Adam and Amber can see them. We are in Tulsa right now so the other kids have seen them and we wanted to share. By the way, Hannah is making this up as she goes and Leah is going along. I'll try to add a few others if you don't mind. We really want Adam and Amber to see!