Friday, September 18, 2009

I Dare You not to Smile

Kayla, Jade and Eli came Labor Day weekend. We went to Canton on Saturday and decided next time we would let Nanny keep Eli at home. It was a little warm for them. Kayla and Jade are starting a business online making a variety of accessories for babies. They have some really cute stuff you need to check out. We did some pictures to help get their blog started and couldn't resist getting outside to follow Eli around.

Every time I look at his pictures it makes me smile.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

They Glorified God because of Me

I didn't say it.

Paul did. He was writing to the believers in the area of Galatia, basically rebuking them for going back to their old ways of following the law. I went back to Acts 13 and read where he had been there before encouraging them in the temple. One thing really stuck out to me. He began his encouragment by reminding them of their God Who was with their ancesters in captivity in Egypt. Then he said, "With His uplifted arm He brought them out of it."

With His uplifted arm He brought them out of it.

I stayed on that verse a while, because we all know it was Moses' uplifted arm that parted the waters for the multitude of men, women, and children to cross through on dry land to continue their journey to the land that was promised them.

Truthfully? It couldn't have been Moses. He was only the willing vessel. He could have never held that arm up long enough to get all those people through. He just said "yes". Or maybe "okay". Come to think of it, he argued just a little bit when God first told him He needed him. Then he agreed.

Back to the Galations. The first part of this letter to those believers was basically Paul's testimony of his conversion. At one point he told them about how he went to some churches that had never met him in person, but had heard that he once persecuted the Jews. They knew by word of mouth that he stopped persecuting and started preaching the faith he once destroyed.

Then he said it. Those words I've thought about daily in the last several weeks. "They glorified God because of Me." I don't know about you, sweet ones, but my heart breaks over the thought of not being a willing vessel like Moses and Paul. Do you say "ok" to Jesus when He asks you to put a comforting arm around a hurting sister? Do you say "yes, Lord" when He asks you to forgive someone who has wronged you? It's hard for Him to use a hard, unforgiving heart.

Do you glorify God in all you do so that others tell their friends about your love for your Saviour? To people you don't even know? Do you honor Him and humble yourself before Him so that you will have a usable heart?

Does your heart feel heavy right now, like mine, because I know there are times that I'm not willing? Sweet Jesus, I want to glorify You so that others will glorify You because of me. Not just me, but for all these precious ones I love so much. That our testimonies of Your greatness will be told to others whether they know us or not. And that You will be glorified because of us. All of us. I love You so much.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Motherload

Tomorrow Hannah and Leah will turn fifteen. It was only yesterday we brought these tiny girls home from the hospital and now they are looking at cars every time we are on the highway hoping for something wonderful. Every year I take them out when they are all three the same age and get some pictures. Rachel turned fourteen the 19th of August, so until tomorrow they are all fourteen. We had fun taking these. Leah was being our comic relief for the afternoon, the role Hannah usually plays.

I am so blessed by these three girls. They bring life and laughter to our home. All with very distinct personalities, yet all with like spirits. Leah is our electronic expert, has been since she was small. She is our "sound man" and right hand man for her daddy at church. She makes sure his mic is ready and his guitar is on stage. Then puts it all up when he is done. Hannah is our creative genius. She's always writing songs or drawing pictures. She's very talented at both. Rachel is a great photographer and, well, Rachel is just our Rachel. She has the steady personality that doesn't get riled easily. Goes along with whatever anybody else wants to do. I'm so grateful to the Lord for such precious gifts.

They have been practicing and for the last two Wednesdays they have been leading worship with the youth group at our church. They are learning the guitar and constantly copying off new songs with chords to learn.

You will understand why I first came up with the title of this blog when you see how many pictures there are. I couldn't decide. Be happy, I left the other 200 or so in the "Girls fourteen" folder. A motherload of pictures. A motherload of responsibility. A motherload of love.

As I was loading these up, I became overwhelmed with the responsibility that is mine to raise them to love and fear the Lord. Every day that goes by that I don't put Jesus into them is a day that they aren't as well equipped as they need to be. The world floods in without them even trying to grab it. I have to continually teach them to combat that with the things of the Lord. Sometimes I feel like I know nothing. That I can't do enough. Those many days that I am so weak - well, you know the rest.

He is so very strong.