Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Pan With Onions, A Pan Without

Next year we will be celebrating 30 years of the Dorman reunion at Brownwood State Park. There are only three siblings left of eight out of my mom's family. We love going there, doing the same things year after year. Several of us go in on Monday before the big weekend get-together then the rest eventually trickle in. Starting on Thursday we have meals all together down at the "cook shelter". Every meal is served with fried potatoes. We have a pan with onions and a pan without. There are KP duty assignments for each meal and the third generation is responsible for Saturday morning breakfast.

This year all our kids were there by Wednesday. Talk about elation. Even though they stay scattered out throughout the week, just having them all there was so fun. I love them. And of course, we stayed as close to Eli as possible. Poor little guy. He had scratches and bruises all up and down his little legs and stickers in his hands. He was a trooper.

Eli wore his "ABC helmet" Nanny got him. Notice that Christy color coordinated her potato bowl with her shirt. The only family shot I got was Diane and Jessie's. Diane is a first cousin to mom and Aunt Nancy.

Family is good.

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