Sunday, August 30, 2009

East Texas

I had a free Saturday a couple of weeks back so three dear ladies wanted to go take a road trip to east Texas. We went on a tour of the Roseland Plantation with a sweet tour guide who loves the Lord, to a winery for lunch, then on to check out Bo Pilgrim's place in Pittsburg. Pretty fun day. I smile thinking about Cathy playing in the water, kissing Bo's chicken, and oh yeah, kissing Bo (excuse me, his statue). Thinking about Lucy stuck in the old car. Thinking about Elaine worried about when would have lunch. I have to tell you that this was the first ladies' trip I've been on that someone said, "If anyone needs one, I have some nitro pills in my purse!" Whoa. Gone are the days of scavenging for Advil or Tylenol. I think I've graduated.

The plantation was beautiful. Bo's house was amazing. The treat, though, was spending the day with three godly women who love their Jesus and talk to Him alot. They even talk to Him about me because they know I need it.

Thank you sweet sisters, you truly washed my feet.

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