Saturday, August 1, 2009

Full and Overflowing

So this morning (1:54 am) I am at the church with the girls and a few of their friends from the youth group. We had pancakes a little after midnight. Before that we did Bible study and bracelet making. They have been playing hide and seek off and on since we came in around nine.

The screaming has subsided and the blow drier is airing up mattresses now. I'm playing catch up on summer pictures and blogging. Tonight as we all sat around and talked about scripture I saw in their faces the same thing I've seen in many faces before. A true desire to have intimacy with Jesus, but not sure how to do that. I want so bad to walk them through life so they don't have to make mistakes.

I took them to Ruth. The story of Ruth and Boaz is a picture of Christ and His bride. In chapter two Ruth was invited by Boaz to come sit at His table. It says in verse 14 that Boaz told her to eat her bread and dip her morsel into the wine. Lord's Supper, anyone? Then it says she ate until she was satisfied and had some left over. In verse 18 she went home to her mother-in-law Naomi and it says she brought out and gave her what food she had left over after being satisfied. I can't help but believe this is how Jesus wants us to be. To sit at His table, take Him in until we are full and overflowing and then take it to the ones we love. Throw up on them, so to speak, Jesus. Okay, maybe that was a little overboard. How many times have I cried out to Him that I'm tired, that I have nothing to give? The times I haven't sat at His table.

There are so many that don't sit at the table and rely on the leftovers from you. If you are only nibbling you will have nothing to give. Right now, I am physically worn out. Sitting in there with those precious young ladies, Bible open, encouraging them to fall in love with Jesus, gave me energy. That's what He does.

He's calling us to recline at His table.

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