Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ladies, Start Their Engines

If you haven't read the "I Do" post, scroll down about a third of the way and read through it. I was driving and praying this morning when my heart just felt so burdened over some marriages that I know are struggling. Showing respect to my husband is being obedient to the Lord. Period. So when I hear some of these stories I wonder why they just won't do it. Then I think about the times I know I don't need a second helping of dessert, but still poke it in fast so the disobedience doesn't last too long. It is all the same thing. Satan doesn't want us in God's will so he tempts us with whatever is our weakness.

I have a challenge for you. This isn't original, because as I was praying this morning, I heard a preacher on the radio telling about this. He said that respect is a man's "mother language". The illustration he gave was that if he was in a foreign country around people that only spoke a foreign language and someone said "the Boston Red Sox won the championship" in English, he would not only understand but feel an excitement because of being able to comprehend what was said. Sometimes we go on and on about life issues and our needs and it's as if we are speaking a foreign language to our husbands. They just don't understand. If, on the other hand, we say something that brings them honor or respect, it fills them with a sense of elation, because that is the language God programmed them to understand. Get it? So this is the challenge. Take a little while and think of two or three things that you really respect about your husband. I heard you moan. If you can't think of any go back to when you were dating or early marriage and remember what you used to see in him. If that doesn't work, pray! The Lord will help you because this is something He will smile about. Then when your sweet hubby walks in the door and sits in his easy chair, go over to him and say something like this: "I was thinking about you today. I was thinking about some of the reasons I respect you so much." Give him a kiss then walk out of the room. Don't stop because there is a good chance he will run into you. Watch his response. This isn't a game. It should become a way of life. When you show him respect, he feels love. You will find more and more things to respect. Then you reap the benefits. Just obey the Lord.

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truckpartsgal said...

When life gets hectic, it's easy to forget what the Lord (and my husband) desires from me as a wife. Thank you, thank you for laying it out there in no uncertain terms. What a beautiful post. Hope you don't mind if I come back and read it often!