Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks Giving

I love reading the 30 Days of Thanks that many have posted on facebook.   Family, friends, roofs over heads, jobs . . . the list goes on and on.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all make a habit of giving thanks?  A holy habit?

For the past eight weeks I have been living in a blur.  My postings here have been few and far between and I thought I would start from the first of October and gradually catch up with posting some of the photos of things that have been going on.

When I was thinking last night over the events of yesterday, I just started thanking God for evidence of Him throughout the day. Starting yesterday morning.   So instead of beginning at the beginning of October and catching up I decided to post some of the pics from this weekend and then work backwards.

So much to give thanks for . . .

Eric is a young man who has walked through a couple of really tough years.  The last few months he realized where his help truly comes from.  Watching him grow and mature has been beautiful to see.

Thank you Father for Eric and for his service to You.  And that he dressed up for the occasion!

And then there is Mac.  My Mac.  I can say that because everyone says that.  He belongs to all of us even though he is married to Sandy.  He loves His Jesus and he loves his bride Sandy and boy, oh boy,  He loves his church.  Mac wants to make sure he has done all he needs to do before he makes his trek to heaven.  We should all live like that.  I love him.

God is so good.

3 thoughts:

ArtyMarti said...

What a blessing to share in the baptism of these folk. Thanks be to God.

averi said...

oooh, love that fireplace in back of the last picture. So happy to see these two special people go through the waters of baptism :)

jamiejoy said...

These pictures are wonderful! I never grow tired of watching people baptized into the newness of life in Christ. It is so beautiful!