Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Quiet Place

"Come away with me to a quiet place and find some rest.” 
 Mark 6:31

Lots of people need rest so I always hate to say I needed it, but I think I did.  For a week we've been gone from home, driving through Arkansas, seeing the sights.  It has been sweet.  

We took a jog up to Hot Springs just to see what it was like and as we went past downtown we saw this little park in between the one way streets.  It was raining but I knew I had to brave the weather to get a couple of shots.

This little park screamed Jesus' words to me. 

Come away. 

Come away with Me

To a quiet place. 

And find rest.

The Master asks us to come to Him.  To find our rest in Him. 
To come to Him

His Father rested.  He rested.  He calls me to rest. 

 I'm thinking He probably didn't make lists of things that needed to be done when He left the wilderness.  Probably because He didn't have a Ladies' Holiday Dinner when He got home.  He wasn't planning ahead for holiday anything.

I'm thinking He didn't take a cell phone "just in case" or a computer to keep up with the latest on whatever there is to keep up with.

Just Him.  And Him.

Oh yeah, you know the story.  The enemy always tries to keep us from spending that time with the Father.  Because Jesus had spent time with the Father, He was equipped to overcome the temptations placed before Him.

That's not so much what this is about.
This is about the necessity of rest.  Of sitting on one bench and Him on another and thinking you want Him closer so you move to His bench.

You visit about things.  You ask Him to scoot to the end so you can lay with your head right on His chest, feet all tucked up so nothing touches the ground.

Such a safe place,

this place of rest.

3 thoughts:

ArtyMarti said...

What a beautiful little park! The perfect place to find rest for the body, as Jesus provides rest for the soul. Both are needed.

Anonymous said...

Nice post..thank you for sharing...i love it...God bless you

Jenifer said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely post.