Monday, November 7, 2011

Ft. Smith

We left Texas last Tuesday and drove to Tulsa to see the kids on our way to Arkansas.  Wednesday we met Kyle and Eli at the movies to see Puss in Boots, then went to Kyle and Jade's to eat pizza and visit a little.

Sportin' the 3D's.

Playing with Poppa.

Hugging as much as we can.


Thursday we took off for Arkansas.  The colors were beautiful the whole trip.  I think we hit peak color time everywhere we went.  We went to the trolley museum and took a little ride.  Michael got to be the conductor!

Happy boy!


We stopped by the national cemetery right after the trolley ride.  As I was walking around there I almost felt like I was trespassing.  Stepping on ground where I didn't belong.  Even though there were men working all over the place, there was a feeling of reverence in that place.  Men and women who died for what they believed.  I thought about that a lot.  

They died

We complain when we have to give up something trivial.

The confederate soldiers were buried on one side and the union soldiers on the other.  I wondered about the mommas who would visit a cemetery to grieve their boys that were buried on different sides.  That happened.  The sadness of it all hit me like it never had.

The sadness of that and even more so when I saw the word 'FIFTEEN UNKNOWN', or 'SIX UNKNOWN' or 'FIVE UNKNOWN'.  Knowing they were just dumped in there.  So very sad to me.


It was sad to me until I got to this spot.  All these head stones facing east.
Waiting in eager expectation to be raised in Christ.
At least all those who were in Him.
Then it's our turn.

Made me smile.

Oh, come on and get us.

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