Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks Giving Some More

We were so blessed to have Mom, Michael's family, and David, a friend of Glenn's, to come for Thanksgiving dinner.

We ate until we were stuffed.  Mom cooked the turkey and made her wonderful dressing, and we had every kind of veggie, meat, and dessert you can imagine.

After we digested a little, we went outside to the swings and the fire pit.  Every one but Grammy got on the swings for a little bit.  We enjoyed sitting around the fire and visiting.  It was a little chilly, but with the fire, it was perfect.

Grammy and Opa


The girls swinging back  . . .

. . . and forth.

Rachel along for the ride.

The grand daughters.

Then I get a message Friday evening that Brad and Rhonda may be coming through on Saturday.  Rhonda was in my Sunday School class several times way back when and they were both a part of Bible studies while they were in High School.

It was such a treat for me to cook lunch for them and their beautiful kids.  God is using them down in the League City area to reach people.  It's not an easy work and they would love to know there are many people praying for them.  When a new work is started 
like this there can be many discouragements.  Pray that they stay encouraged and strengthened.  These two are very dear to my heart.  They were both godly examples for my three older kids. I thank God for that. 

Very blessed.

3 thoughts:

ArtyMarti said...

Will as God to encourage your friends. What a relaxing time you had with family.

bebe bird beck said...

I LOVE the back and forth pictures.
I can't wait to squeeze you sweet momma.

Brad said...

Wow...we made "Lady in a Shoe" As much as our bellies were full, our souls were more so. Thank you so much for hosting the best lunch of the holidays for me.