Sunday, October 18, 2009


HANNAH - hini flu -recovering

LEAH - hini flu - recovering

RACHEL - hini flu - recovering

COMPUTER - overuse - dead

VACUUM CLEANER - strangulation by excessive hair - dead

This week has to be better. Michael was banned from the house because we have a couple of people he needs to be available for in these last weeks of their lives. He didn't need to be sick. I've been giving Tamiflu, Theraflu, Ibuprofen, water, apple juice, orange juice; I've been rubbing vicks vapo rub on chests, under noses and on the bottom of feet for the last week. In between times I have laid hands on my computer, kicked my vacuum cleaner, and washed alot of blankets, sheets, and pillow cases. The flu cases are recovering, but no such luck for the computer and vacuum.

I'm super excited.

One of my favorite scriptures in Isaiah says we are not to shorten the redeeming arm of the Lord. Only He can redeem the broken things in our lives. Okay, okay, I know it doesn't pertain to things like vacuums and the like, but, then again maybe it does. See, His heart is for me.

Did you hear that? HIS heart is for ME!!!

All that is hurt or broken in my life, He can redeem. I'm going to trust Him with that.

I know that God redeems all that is lost, messed up, broken, or misused in our lives. Every mistake I've ever made, He can redeem. Every hurt I've ever endured, He can redeem. I am so in love with knowing that. All these things can be used to bring Him glory. Even a stupid broken computer.

Because His heart is for me.

4 thoughts:

Nina said...

Hey Carol, I just saw Adam and his sweet wife tonight. They are so precious together! Sorry that the girls have been sick, glad they are recovering. Loved your encouragement from Isaiah! He does redeem!

Mike and Cymbre said...

I remember a pastor sharing a story of his washer being broken and there being chaos because of it. He realized during that time that he was to be praising God, even in bad times. So, keep praising God that your vacuum is broken!!

Ash said...

Gosh hope the girls are feeling better! They did have swine flu right? Hini I thought could also mean hiney flu...chuckle chuckle. Love you! Oh I am sending you an email...

lynette said...

Hi Carol
Your words are encouraging. i enjoy reading them.
Sorry the girls have been sick.I am glad they are recovering.I am so thankful that:God does meet our needs.