Saturday, December 14, 2013

Breathing Out Loud

Sometimes in the cold and dark of morning you breathe hard to Jesus, and because you breathe hard you cannot just lay still.  So you move to another room so you won't wake him with your tossing and grab a blanket to pull over your head and continue to breathe.  Out loud.

Breathing out loud.  For them to know God's direction and timing.  To rest in His will and trust in His will, knowing that He always wants the best for them.  That they will listen and be obedient to what His desire is for their lives.

Breathing out loud. For her to find her identity in Jesus, trusting that He will never, ever abandon.  That she will know her worth because of Him and stand firm because of Him.  Knowing, that for the most part, she does know her worth but there are days.

Breathing out loud. For him to remember the strength provided in past and to hold on to that strength for the upcoming days, weeks, months.  That his Father will show Himself strong to Him and bind up the broken heart.

The breath sounds that speak Yahweh from birthing throughout raising are precious to me.  We start and cannot ever stop.  We are needed.  Needed to keep speaking them, breathing them before the Lord.


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