Monday, December 16, 2013

A Few Pics

There is nothing better in the whole world than having all the kids together at once.  
Cary Ann's wedding was such fun and I took liberties to take some 
pictures of  all the kids together. 
 I am super blessed.

 Twins.  Who would've known?

 The boys closest to my heart.

 Could she be any more beautiful?  No.

 They are crazy about him.

 I am crazy about them.

 She is crazy.

 Aunt love.

 Sister love.


 Crazy about each other.

 Crazy about him.

 Head over heels crazy about them.

When I was younger I wanted five boys.  Their names were going to be Heath, Nick, and Jarrod from The Big Valley and Joe and Adam from Bonanza.  Not sure why they were all cowboys.  Maybe because that is what daddy watched.  So now I have my five boys and one day I will get one more.  A bonus.  Who could have known how blessed I was going to be?


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