Friday, November 15, 2013

She is Worthy


The words screamed off of her blog page.  I don't think it was a proclamation to the world as much as an attempt to convince herself that she, indeed, is worthy.

Just yesterday, hearing "I feel worthless" from one who keeps trying, yet failing in another's eyes.

And then a couple of weeks back, being taught by a little one that sometimes we listen to the wrong voice and sometimes that voice is loud and powerful, but it is still the wrong voice.

Sometimes that voice is a great and strong wind and it tears your heart and breaks it in pieces and you question why you aren't good enough.  Pretty enough.  Smart enough.

But the LORD is not in this wind.

Other times the voice is an earthquake that shakes your very core.  Everything you thought was true was not and you question why others receive their blessing but you can't find yours?  You experience loss and can't find answers so you take the blame, believing you are not spiritual enough.  Wealthy enough.  Fun enough.

But the LORD is not in this earthquake.

Then there are times the voice is a fire and rips through and destroys all your dreams and leaves you devastated and lost.  You believe you could have prevented it if you had only been strong enough.  Bold enough.  Wise enough.

But the LORD is not in this fire.

She was listening to the lies from the enemy.  They were loud and jarring and hurtful lies.

Then after the fire came a GENTLE WHISPER.

There came a gentle whisper and a question:  "What are you doing here?"  She was not made to live in a cave, defeated by the lies of the enemy.  She was made to come out to His voice.

That's how He loves her.  He pulls her close to His chest so that she can hear the WHISPER.  He quiets her with His love.

She is worthy, not because of anything she is or isn't.

She is just plain worthy.


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