Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Few from the Wedding

Averi posted several sweet pictures on her blog 
(blog.averiblackmon.com/hugh-and-hannah/), but I
went through and picked out some more of my favorites.


 Wedding morning.  Sisters getting ready.

 Brothers coming in to see the girls.

 Dad first look at his girls.

 Family prayer helped get some tears out before the ceremony.

Love this.

 The bride making sure no one even thinks about 
"speaking now or forever holding their peace".

 The song got to her sisters.

 Hannah and Hugh and our other kids Jay and Suzanna.

 Hugh, Jerett and Ty.

 Our other kids.  Keith and Sheri.

My other girl, Marla.  She and Hannah could be twins.
 Photo bomb by Michael and Keith.

 My girls Tab, Kayla, and Vered.

 Great friend to Michael - Jim.

 My Eq. Guinea girl Maria and Cassie, one of her twins.


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