Monday, January 9, 2012

Word for the Year

I was reading a post by Jenifer over at Sweet Blessings and she told of a practice she started a couple of years back where you have a word to focus on for the new year.  It sounded interesting so I began to pray about what word might be good for me this year.  It didn't take long for the word to come to me.  As a matter of fact, I honestly believe He was already having me focus on this word since way before Christmas.

The word straight to my heart was  SACRIFICE.

sacrifice |ˈsakrəˌfīs|

• an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy we must all be prepared to make sacrifices.
• (also sacrifice bunt or sacrifice hit) Baseball a bunted ball that puts the batter out but allows a base runner or runners to advance.

What does it really mean?  There are some who think this could be our last year on this earth.  Probably not, but what if?  What if at the end of this year we stand before our Judge and He says that every thing we thought was sacrifice was only our duty?

Oh me.

Sacrifice what?  Give up what?

Give up eating too much of the wrong thing for a closer walk with the One Who is Good?
Give up time to listen to a hurting sister?
Give up television or internet to hold sweet daughter?
Give up grudge over someone who mistreated those I love?
Give up feelings of jealousy so I can encourage instead of belittle?

This is not sacrifice ~ it is what I am supposed to do.

Oh me. 

He gave me sacrifice so I would learn sacrifice.  

Really learn sacrifice.  

It's something I must do.  Something I give up.  Something I offer.

There is one sacrifice though, that seems easy enough. 

To offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving is to give honor to the Lord.  

A good one to start off with until I get the hang of what all sacrifice really entails.

 ~ I'm so thankful today for six days of noise because of six days of family,

 ~ for shopping day with all the girls, and

 ~ a clean bedroom after months of being store room for   retreat stuff and Christmas      

~  For new sheets and a

 ~ new word.

 ~ For a hubby who helps me see the doughnut and not the hole.

 ~ For button for the radio on the steering wheel helping to avoid Christmas Shoes.

 ~ For a friend who encourages and helps pray for my kids, and

 ~ new hope for aching arms.

 ~ For the definition of sacrifice that has to do with baseball. 


4 thoughts:

Jenifer said...

Carol, I love your word! Sacrifice. So powerful.

I love your list. It is beautiful!

M. Reka said...

Lovely post, beautiful blog. Love it :)

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Lil' Sprouts said...

You are beautiful.
Button for radio on steering wheel to help avoid Christmas shoes. Made me laugh out loud.
I love you beautiful momma.

Dianna Ortiz said...

I heard this same tradition over Word FM radio the other morning. I believe the woman speaking was named Melissa. She said her word for this year was 'grace'. I immediately thought of Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts.