Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Matters

When is it too late?  Do you daily show your husband you want to be the wife God has laid out for you to be?  Or is it too late and he's tired of the waiting, tired of the disrespect?  

Do your kids know without a doubt that they are more important than your to-do list and your own agenda?  Or is it too late and they are no longer connected physically ~ or maybe emotionally? Or both?

When is it too late?  Too late to love deeply, to serve willingly, and to sacrifice daily.

Connie, a friend living in New York sent me a link written about a house fire on Christmas morning that took the lives of a woman's three little girls and also her parents.  I wept as I read and felt a fraction of the pain she must feel.  

There was a part of that post that jumped off of the page to me:

Because when the last of these is suddenly taken from us, what will be left is what we did. 
Not what we meant to do. 
Not what we intended to do. 
Not what we thought about doing.
But what we did.

It's time to start doing and being what you were intended to do and be.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

It matters.  It matters to the ones you love and it matters to Him.


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Betty Jo said...

A wonderful post! Thank you, just what I needed to hear today. I followed your link from a holy experience. ♥