Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Toe Don't Scoot

Shoe shopping has never been a top priority for me. I had a pair of flat blue slip on shoes for probably 8-9 years and wore them whenever I didn't have on tennis shoes. Wearing shoes most of the time is a priority for my feet - they don't like going barefooted. As a young girl, my best friend Gale and I would move irrigation pipe in the alfalfa field to try to toughen up our feet. We wanted good calloused feet. Walked on caliche roads - anything to have tough feet. Not sure exactly what our reasoning was, but I'm sure it made perfect sense at the time.

At this time in life, I search for the most comfortable shoes I can find.

I do have a problem, though. The problem is that I have a toe that doesn't cooperate. One toe. The big toe on my left foot is bigger than the big toe on my right foot. It also hurts if it isn't tucked comfortably into a sock then poked into a tennis shoe. Someone mentioned gout. Not sure what it is, but I do wish it could be something with a prettier name than gout.

Cathy and I were trying on sandals yesterday and I tried to slip my foot into a shoe. I don't know about anyone else, but when I slip my foot into a flip flop, I really don't slip it. I go in about halfway then use my big toe to walk it up in there, one scoot at a time. It didn't work this time because of the darn toe with the ugly name. So I sat down a little exasperated, and put the shoe on. I had come to the harsh realization that this toe can't scoot anymore.

So yesterday I found some cute shoes that make my happy. Every time I bent over today and saw my feet, I think I said something about loving my shoes. They even make a happy sound when I walk.

Living without the full use of part of your body that helps hold you up takes some adjustments. Other toes have to step up and work a little harder. Take on a little more of the work.

I received a phone call several years ago from a girl that was in my family group at a youth camp many years earlier where I was a team leader. We visited and caught up on life then she said something like "do you know what I remember most about you?" I was ready to hear something like how much I loved the Lord, how much I loved my kids, etc, etc. But what she said made me a little sad. The thing she remembered the most was that I couldn't clean house without my shoes on. She remembered correctly - I couldn't - still can't. But what broke my heart was that I had a whole week to put Jesus into her and I failed. The fact that I can't clean house without shoes on made no difference in her life. She went through many struggles and heartaches that maybe, just maybe, if I had focused on the important things, life could have been a little easier for her.

Sometimes there are those in the body of Christ who feel somewhat handicapped. They are hurting - and others need to step up and be hands or feet for them. Sometimes they need to be ears or voice for them. They are all around us. Sometimes it IS us. If we do it like we are encouraged to do it from the Word, we will still function as a body and the hurting ones will find healing.

My prayer is that you don't make the same mistake I did. Keep the important things important. Give them Jesus first and foremost, because that is what will make the difference in their lives.

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