Monday, March 21, 2011

Four Sisters Close

At any given time there can be two to six razors on the side of our bath tub. Last week there were four all piled up on each other. Kayla was on my mind because she was going to come stay the weekend with us and every time I looked at those razors I thought of the four girls. Four sisters so very close.

Kayla was ten when we brought the first two home. She was almost eleven when we brought the last one home. From the very beginning she became second mom. She wiped bottoms and noses (not necessarily in that order) and kissed skinned knees. At times there was frustration because nothing was her very own it sometimes seemed, because there were six little grubby hands all over her stuff.

She seldom complained.

Now days when these girls are struggling with stuff, they often call her. She is always ready to be ears to hear and words to comfort.

God has also blessed us with two more who are ready to listen if needed. Jade and Amber are always ready with God answers to hear and God arms to hug.

Hannah, Leah, and Rachel. You are blessed. Blessed not only with your second momma, but now with a third and fourth who love you dearly and want to help guard your heart.

I'm blessed as well.

And oh, so thankful for the reminder on the side of my tub.

2 thoughts:

jackie said...

How beautiful!!! Gave me a very happy smile

Renee Floyd said...

How very precious. You have a wonderful family.