Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I realize that when I begin rambling on about the aging process that my children want to close their eyes, plug up their ears and sing "My Country tis of Thee". I guess I should spare them the shame of knowing their mom lays it all out there for all to see.

So kids, "I'm sorry". I'll try to better.

No promises. I'll try to warn you from now on so you won't have to field any more questions about facial hair and the like. It is a little cathartic though. I've been so busy lately with the pictures for the pictorial directory that I feel a bit mechanical in some of my daily responsibilities. It feels good to sit and type without thinking. Just let it come on out.

Sunday after church we had a fund raiser lunch to send kids to camp. I met Brandi at the church about eight thirty to start making tea and getting things set up. It wasn't until I spilled some tea on the floor and bent over to clean it up that I discovered I had on the wrong shoes. They worked okay, but I was a little disappointed the rest of the service. Not that I liked these less than the others, or have ever been a shoe connoisseur, it was just another reminder that I'm losing it a little. I'm not sure what "it" is, but I do know I'm losing it.

I received a coupon for a manicure for my birthday. The lady worked on my nails then put a salt scrub on my hands and started massaging. I started crying. It was so sweet. How could she possibly know I needed a little pampering? It didn't even lose it's sweetness when I saw the lady next to me do the same thing for the little grandma sitting at her station. They are either really sensitive or they do it for everyone. I'm kinda thinking the latter is true. But I don't even care.

We took 11 students to a Christian rock concert Friday night. We had seven adult sponsors. I am old enough to be the mom of the sponsors.

I just heard someone laugh.

The music was so loud that my clothes were vibrating. We stood for two-plus hours. I felt like I lost ten pounds. That music was so loud I know it had to pulverize fat cells without me even moving. By Sunday I was hearing a little better. By Monday I decided we could take the kids again in April. May even wad up some toilet paper a poke it in my ears like the elderly gentleman did in front of me. I thought he looked pretty ridiculous, but now, not so much.

Sorry for the rambling. Just needed to talk.

Sorry kids.

3 thoughts:

Bec said...

You crack me up - thanks for the laugh tonight!

Lil' Sprouts said...

You make my heart happy.

Mommy4Christ said...

Dont worry Mrs. Carol!!! Travis can bring home some FANCY orange ear plugs for ya to wear!!! :)