Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Small Voice

So I was jumping up and down in the concert the other night . . . okay, not really, but the thought of that made me laugh. Out loud. Okay, start over. I was swaying back and forth at the concert the other night, careful not to lift a foot just in case someone might think I was acting younger than my age. The music was deafening. I have no idea what the young lady was yelling in the microphone. And then I heard it. God spoke to me.

He told me to start thanking Him for the victory instead of pleading for the victory in a situation I've been desperately praying and pleading for. Whoa. I heard it. It was so clear and so exciting to me that I shouted "WooHoo!!" I shouted it out loud for 20,000 people to hear. This girl knows when it's safe to shout and still keep ego intact.

There has been several other "Woohoo!" moments and a few "Yippee!" moments in the last six months. At least that was worth an 'out loud' expression of elation.

I usually try to be in bed by weather time, around 10:15 p.m. Back in October I was already watching Pete Delkus give the forecast. I didn't shout, I just said "Yippee!" Michael walked in and asked "Did you just say "Yippee"? My reply: "I sure did. The low is going to be in the 60's tommorrow night, which means our days are going to start cooling off!"

If you are an over fifty hormonal woman you understand where the excitement came from. When you have an internal oven there is much gratefulness and excitement when the outside oven starts cooling off. Makes me a little easier to live with.

Another night I was in bed waiting for Pete's forecast to begin. There was another story on before he began that warranted a "Woohoo!" That time Hannah came in and asked "Did you just say "Woohoo"?" My reply: "I sure did. They just said shoulder pads are coming back in style. When I used to sell Premier Jewelrey, they told us to tell women that shoulder pads make you look five to eight pounds lighter. Add earrings to take off another two. I'm about to look 10 pounds lighter!" Pretty exciting, huh? Definitely deserved a "woohoo".

At Christmas when the kids were all home I was at the sink doing the dishes from supper when one of the kids told me to look at Eli. He had his 'Big Bro' t-shirt on. I felt all the "woohoos" and "yippees" rolled into one couldn't express how big my heart felt.

So this "Woohoo" moment in the middle of a very large, very loud crowd was because I could hear His still small voice in whatever situation I find myself. It was because I can trust His word to me that He will deliver victory.

The next morning His word was confirmed to me when I was watching Charles Stanley before church. He was preaching about David and Goliath. He asked what we thought was going through David's mind as he was standing across from that big ole' giant. Dr. Stanley thought he wasn't afraid. He thought that little shepherd boy David was picturing himself holding that big mammoth head up in his hand so all the soldiers of Isreal could see how good their Holy God truly was. He saw the victory before the battle ever began. Wow.

To trust that much. Oh, how I want to trust that much.

Thank You, Father, for the victory.

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