Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Judge, The Meteor and the Rock

Christy had a conference in Reno so Cathy and I boarded planes and we all met up in Albuquerque to go on up to Nevada together. We always enjoy getting to spend time together and this time it was in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.
On Tuesday we drove up to North Lake Tahoe. Probably one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. It started snowing big ole' snowflakes and it was perfect.

On the last day of the conference, Christy did a little quiz thing that gave a name to people with different types of personalities. She figured out what all of us are. Christy is the Judge. The Judge does all the planning of all the details for an event and makes sure they are carried out. Cathy is the Rock. The Rock also is a detail planner but goes along with things if there is a change in plans. Before she even told us what the Meteor does, I already knew. I am the Meteor. The Meteor is the one who just goes along with whatever, pretty much oblivious to the planning or details. I tell you those definitions were right on. At least mine was. Especially when I'm on a trip with my sisters. I don't have to be the planner, I know I'm taken care of -along for the ride. Pretty sweet.

We always do pictures trying to figure out where to sit each one so I can crop us all into one picture. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The focus button on my camera won't move, which I didn't know until I got back, so most of the pics were a little fuzzy, but I worked with them anyway trying to salvage what I could. The cropping went well on two of them, but on the third I got a little frustrated so I started cropping my head all over the place. Pretty funny. At least to me.

Thank you, girls, for the sweet time. For the laughter, the movies, the popcorn, and for North Lake Tahoe. It was all beautiful.

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neecie said...

That last pic....a little creepy! lol!

Staci Danford said...

I always wanted a sister.. I think that is one of life's best gifts.. Looks like you guys had big fun.. That last picture cracked me up. ha

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Donna said...

I wish I was your sister. Looks like fun! Ha! Ha! Although I am a wienie in the cold, so being a sister to you three would be cool at the beach!!!!!