Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Days Off

Monday I dropped the girls and food off at the church to go to the funeral home for Tony’s funeral. The girls were going to do school there and we would be feeding the family after the funeral. I drove up to the funeral home and saw that it was packed and thought it would be better to go back and help organize the food for the family.

Hadn’t been back at the church long when a woman brought her food then asked if she could speak with me for a minute. With tears in her eyes, she asked for prayer because she would be meeting her husband in the next few hours at the courthouse to finalize their divorce. We prayed and she left. Here was a wife with a broken heart.

Within minutes another precious sister shared with me that her son told her the day before that he was no longer taking chemotherapy to stop his cancer. He has been fighting for five years and is tired. Here was a mom with a broken heart.

A little later I asked another sweet lady about her mother. The tears started flowing down her cheeks so we went down the hall and she shared with me that her mom was very sick. She said that she would not be so fearful if she knew for sure that her mom knew the Lord. Here was a daughter with a broken heart.

Sitting in yet another funeral after Tony’s, Michael and I listened to the testimony of a 94-year-old grandmother who was the only spiritual example her granddaughter had growing up. Because of the faithfulness of this precious lady, her granddaughter is striving to be all God wants her to be. Here was a granddaughter with a broken heart.

Last night I sat with a two young ladies who have made some bad decisions in their lives and are having to learn the hard way how to do it right. They both are thinking family has turned their backs, I am knowing this has to be so they can learn to trust the Lord. Praying they will get things right. Praying their families will continue to pray. Here was a family with a broken heart.

When Genevieve sat by Tony’s casket Monday, she looked at her son and told him to get her a blanket. She was not going to leave. She just couldn’t bear to. Here was a soul-mate with a broken heart.

There are no days off for the enemy.

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Ash said...

That's for certain. Love you Carol Sue. You are precious!