Monday, January 18, 2010

Fruit Basket Turnover

All the kids came in the Sunday night after Christmas. They all stayed up playing on the Wii Fit. Kayla and I went on to bed so we could get up Monday morning and go get Ireta to spend a couple of days with us. She told me on the trip over that she was laying in her bed the night before listening to everyone laughing. She said there was a couple of times they all just busted out. Not "ha ha that was funny" but the "kind of laughter that you knew Dad's face was red and the boys were bent over and the girls on the floor, all holding stomachs". Made her smile. Made me smile when she told me. Someone very dear to me bought me a little framed print that says, "I always knew I would look back at the tears and laugh, but I never knew I would hear the laughter and cry". I wiped tears. I am so blessed to have kids that love being together and miss each other when they are apart.
Before they all had to go back home I made them all go outside for new pictures. Stood them in a line to get a traditional pose. Then I divided them into apples, bananas and oranges for a game of Fruit Basket Turnover. I called out two fruits and they had to run to trade places. The pictures of them running to get a place are funny but as I was taking pictures, I noticed Eli watching and smiling at what the big kids were doing. So precious.

4 thoughts:

lauren clark said...

Carol, I just remembered my terrible dream from last night. I had one that someone was trying to kill me and got all stressed out and woke up from it to relief that it was a dream.

The next dream was that I came to your house late and all of your kids were there eating navajo tacos. Somehow I wrecked Kayla's car and then came in and there wasn't any tacos left. I had that same feeling that I was about to die as the dream before. I guess your navajo tacos are pretty important to me:) Miss you.

Carol said...

I would make more for you! I miss you too sweetie.

Staci Danford said...

What fun to see everyone again.. Man I feel old.. Can't believe the "little" girls are that big. And Kyle has a son.

Kassidy said...

Great pictures...what a beautiful family!