Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Closer

Can't remember if there is really anything in my life I have started and seen to it's completion in a timely fashion (except a meal). For some reason, my brain goes on to the next "to do" before I've finished the project I'm on. I wish I wasn't like that and try to do better. Every year one of my resolutions is to be a "finisher, a completer, a closer", but I never stay with it the whole year. Of course not.

I was complaining about it to Cathy once while we were at Walmart in Brownwood. We found some shirts we tried on and then finished shopping for groceries to take back to the lake. As I looked down to pick up a carton of eggs I saw that there were only two buttons buttoned on my shirt. Didn't finish getting dressed.

Michael came in one day and asked if I was going somewhere. I told him that I had just got back from town about thirty minutes before. His eyebrows went up and asked, "Is there a reason you left the car running?" I couldn't think of a good excuse to go back into town so I had to honestly admit that I didn't turn it off.

I walked into the kitchen a few weeks back and most all of the cabinet doors were open. They were randomly left open as I was in a cooking frenzy. I walked around shutting all the doors. Felt like Vanna White. So much so, that I opened them all again and closed them a second time with a little more grace. Pretending just for a moment.

In 2 Timothy 4, Paul knew his time of death was approaching. He, with confidence, said "I have fought the good fight, I have FINISHED the race, I have kept the faith." After Paul believed, he lived his life with diligence. He gave all. Until the very end. I wonder if, actually I know that there are spiritual things where I've dropped the ball. Michael preached on 1Peter 3:15 where it says that we are to always be ready to give account of the hope that is within us. That means we are ready to share or listen even if it isn't convenient. Look for the God appointments. I feel bad because I know that there are times that I miss those appointments because of my selfishness. I see that as slacking in my race. I don't want to be a slacker. I want to give all.

I want, like Paul, to have confidence that I'm a finisher. A closer. That my spiritual life isn't a reflection of my physical life in this instance. That I will cross the finish line with shirt buttoned, car turned off and cabinet doors closed. That everyone who needed Jesus and came to me for Him got Him. Oh please, that they got Him.

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