Thursday, February 5, 2009

Say No to Crack

In Titus 2, the older women are told to teach the younger women to be sober, and love their husbands and children. They are also to teach them to be discreet and chaste. The definitions for discreet and chaste are "temperate, self-controlled, sacred, pure, pure from carnality, modest, and pure from every fault". We live in a time where modesty and purity are almost unheard of. The girls were talking the other day about when we first came here, how shocked they were when they would see someone's cleavage or backside because of how low the shirts and pants were worn. They said they weren't shocked any more because they have seen it so often, but it does seem to be getting better. Not long after we came there was a lady getting baptized and one of the young ladies standing up there with her had "Up Yours" on the back of her shirt. She also had on some very short shorts. Standing up there for the whole congregation to see. I think it may have caused a few of our women to have a case of the vapors. If we are faithful to teach and not to condemn or criticize, they slowly start changing their ideas of appropriate dress because the Holy Spirit is leading them.

In Ruth 3:3 Ruth was told by her mother-in-law to wash, clothe, and annoint herself and then to go lay at Boaz' feet (her prospective husband). The word for clothe means "doubly clothed". Instead of taking her clothes off to get her man, she actually covered herself with an extra coat! You girls without husbands, know that when you wear provocative clothes, it will take a long time before a guy will know your heart because he will be preoccupied with what your body looks like. Just remember that "perky" eventually loses it's perkiness and "firm" will eventually best describe your mattress rather than your backside. If he falls in love with your heart, then physical things won't matter years later. How sweet is that !?!

For married women, in Proverbs 31:11 it says that the heart of her husband safely trusts in her. Your wardrobe should never be something that would draw another man's eye to your body. Your husband should be confident that the things you say and the things you wear would always bring honor to him. If you ever hear "nice melons" from somone other than your hubby, you better be standing in the produce section of your local grocery store! So to be discreet and chaste, means you must strive to be pure from every fault. You are to be pure in the way you think and pure in the way you dress. If you are striving to honor God you will honor your husband and his heart can safely trust in you. That is really sweet.

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darla said...

i have wanted to write about this myself, you just warmed my heart! thanks for sharing the wisdom, so many women today are sooo blinded by the world about modesty. it doesn't take long to find out that beauty fades and that we better have something on the inside worth loving when it's gone. like you said, the only thing 'firm' at this point in life is the mattress! lol!