Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Letters

She heard her name . . . "Cindy" . . . in red letters. She heard her name in RED LETTERS! It wasn't a tug at her heart, a nudge at her childlike soul. The One Who spoke the universe into existence gently spoke her name. From His mouth to her ears. She heard it. She was so close she might have even felt His breath on her face. My heart is overwhelmed with joy for her at this moment, but also with a grief from the very pit of me for her husband and children. For our church family, for my girls, for Michael, and for me. We loved Cindy.

About 2 years ago she walked into our church and she's been faithful ever since. Since she accepted the Lord there isn't a person I know could knock the smile off her face. She had some difficult times the last few months, but was on her way back up. She and I met on Monday nights and I told her last time that I wished everyone I visited with had the same motivation to get things lined up right with the Lord that she did. We saw progress fast! She was getting after it.

Her grandbaby and her children were her reason to live. They did so much as a family. They had a big family cookout on Monday night. Cindy had a huge heart, taking in any straggling kids that didn't have a place to live. Her sister-in-law told our girls at the hospital the other night that Cindy adored them. We knew she did. She and Hannah were texting a couple of hours before her wreck on Tuesday night.

I'm in west Texas for a wedding so it has been tough. If I couldn't be home, though, this is the place to be. I was going to go home yesterday, but Michael didn't want me on the road. Throughout the day I would get messages from the girls with the little sad face sign at the end of the messages. My heart hurt for them. They have been so strong for Lacey and caring for the other kids. It's amazing. Please pray for Michael. He will be coming out here for the wedding, and drive back to be able to love on our grieving church family on Sunday. There will also be a funeral in the mix, we just don't know when. Pray that the Lord will show Him how to do it all.

Father, I love You. Thank You for the free spirit You let us come to love in a very short time. I believe the joy in heaven just multiplied ten-fold early yesterday morning. What color was her hair when she got there? Orange? Green? I was just wondering. Can You believe her smile? Ear to ear! Thank you for the hugs I got Monday. I'm gonna miss those. I'm gonna miss her wave across the church on Sunday mornings. I'm gonna miss her banana pudding. She made the best banana pudding. I know I'm rambling, Lord, but that's how my brain is right now. I know there is a season for everything. This weekend we are rejoicing and mourning at the same time. Like a roller coaster ride. Thank You for being in the seat right beside me. Tell her hi for me. Let her feel Your breath. Oh, sweet Jesus, let her feel Your breath.

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~Trina~ said...

Carol, I wept tears for your loss. Trina