Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Man

Sixteen years ago on a Sunday afternoon, Kyle, Adam, Kayla and I walked down an aisle in the chapel at First Baptist Church, Snyder, to take someone new into our family. Some of the people in the chapel weren't sure how they felt about the whole situation or if it would even work. I knew it would. We had some adjustments to make and some issues to work through, but it has been a very sweet journey. I never thought I would be a preacher's wife and Miichael never thought he would be a preacher. We've both grown up a lot since that day, and learned over the years that we just want to walk through life together and be available for whatever God plans. He knew he wanted to grow old with me even though at the time I wasn't too keen on growing old at all. Now I love to think about our later years and how sweet they will be. And the grandparent role? It makes me smile to think of him as the Poppa as the other half of this Lollie.

From the very beginning there has been a song he sings every once in a while and it always brings sweet emotion to me.
"Rockin' chairs, rockin' babies', rock-a-bye, rock of ages. Side by side, we'll be togethter always." That is one of the lines out of the old Dolly Parton song. When we had the babies and they would cry, he would always mention what a sweet sound that was because "some people don't ever get to hear that sound". He loves being a dad. To all of them. He would sing that song because it made him think of us, with all the kids until our growing old years. I love that.

I can't believe it has been sixteen years. It has been sweeter than I ever imagined it could be. He is my best friend and confidant. He makes me laugh, especially at night before he gets in bed when he reaches over and picks up both socks he has just "moon walked" out of, then holds them high like they are trophies or something, a sock in each hand with a silly grin on his face. It cracks me up. This man laughs in his sleep. I love that, too.

I love it when he wears a baseball cap. I love to watch his hands when he plays the guitar. I love it when he gets emotional when he talks about the Lord. I love when he teahes me the Word when he's been studying. I love that he loves me so much, no matter what I look like. I love that when I'm down he encourages me. I love to hear him play the piano late at night when we are all in bed. He brings me diet coke from Sonic. What an amazing husband. An amazing man. My man.

3 thoughts:

Nina said...

Happy Anniversery! Thanks for being such an example to my family. Your love for each other is so evident and it radiates for all to see. Love yall.

Jackie said...

awww... I can't believe it has been 16 years ago!! I remember your courtship so well... what you told me of it anyway. I remember how you described seeing him at the door - and how amazingly handsome he was (is!)
love you!

Staci Danford said...

OH my goodness. I remember that day well. I was there because Kyle invited Charles. How precious it is to know that 16 years have passed with countless more blessings than years. May the next 16 be ever filled with more.