Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Last week Eli had his first T-ball game.  He was telling his Aunt Kayla about it and she told him she was going to go and yell really loud for him.  He looked at her as serious as he could and said, "Maybe you could make a sign."

Maybe you could make a sign.

We all want to be seen.  

Hagar was the handmaid of Abraham and Sarah who was thrown out of the house because of Sarah's jealousy.  An angel found her in the wilderness.  He called her by name and told her she would have a son.  She may have been happy about the baby news, but what seemed to bring her the most joy was that the angel called her name.  She knew that God Himself noticed her so she gave Him a name that means "God Who sees".

The young woman sitting on the bench, tells me of a scary diagnosis.  I tell her how God is the lifter of her head.  With my finger under her chin, I lift her face, and whisper  "He sees you".  Then with hands cupped around her face, I tell her again,  "HE SEES YOU".  The sweetness of that thought makes her weep.  I hold her and we weep.

The little boy standing in a house he has known for less than a week, dares to whisper "mommy?" to a woman he doesn't really know.  He just hears the other kids call her that.  We go out and take pictures and order one for the family wall.

That face.

I will never forget that face when he saw his framed 8 x 10 up there with all of the others.  He didn't know family blood didn't flow through his veins.  From that time on he saw himself as we saw him - ours.  Even if it was for such a short time.

Some days I don't see myself as God does.  Some days it is hard for me to imagine my

8 x 10 glossy hanging on His family wall.  It does.

The scripture tells me in Song of Solomon that He also made a sign for me.  It says that He brought me to His banqueting table and His banner over me is Love.

On days when things just do not go the way they were planned.  He sees.

The days when you are not feeling loved or appreciated.  He sees.

When the pain is so deep you feel like you cannot breathe.  He sees.

He invites you to His table.  

He has a sign with your name on it.


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Joannah said...

Beautiful post! He has seen me. I'm so grateful for that.