Monday, April 22, 2013

Engagement Story

Hugh brought Hannah home after a romantic dinner.  She sat on the couch wrapped up in a blanket and told me about her dinner.  She said maybe she was dumb thinking that he might propose that night.  Even gave him several hints that she was ready.

Subtle hints, she said, like pointing to her ring finger and saying, "I want to be your wife!".

That is how Hannah is subtle.  Hugh is perfect for her because his response was to smile and say "I know you do."

What she didn't know that while they were lost, looking for the restaurant, Hugh had his brother and her sisters and their youth minister decorating the 100 year old white Methodist church across the road from us.  Decorated with candles and tulle and an archway.

Decorated with her great grandmother's pitcher and bowl at the end of the aisle,  and with two brand new white towels.

After we talked on the couch for about 15 minutes Michael got a call from Leah that they were ready so I told Hannah I thought I heard Kayla pull up.  I told her we should go out to help her carry in her suitcase.  Michael met us and we all three walked out together.  As we got close to the driveway, she noticed the lanterns that were placed all the way out to the gate and over to the church.  We started walking down the driveway and her smile got bigger with every step.

When we got to our gate, Hugh's parents, Ed and Donna, met us and continued walking with us to the church.  As we approached the church we could see Hannah's sisters and Hugh's brothers standing at the doors waiting for her.  They opened the doors and Hugh was standing at the end of the aisle.

She came out with clean feet, wet eyelashes, and a ring on her ring finger.

Yes, they are young.  Yes, there will be times that are difficult.

They love Jesus.  They know what the Bible says about marriage and have made a commitment to go by what it ways.

We have made a commitment to help them do that.

We are getting another boy!


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Debbie roemisch said...

Tell Hannah congratulations. I was 18 when Joe and I married and in June we will celebrate our 34th year anniversary. When God is in it , it is great.

averi said...

i got chills :) so happy