Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jesus Love Me, This I Know

They didn't get every word right, but they were getting close.  Three little smelly boys in the back of the van; two old enough to learn the words, one too young to sing but old enough to laugh at their silliness.

Yes!  Jesus Loves Me!
Yes!  Jesus Loves Me!
Yes!  Jesus Loves Me!
The Bible tells me so.

They sang loud and off key, but it was beautiful.  The three girls and I were singing and laughing along with them and then I felt so emotional.  I didn't know how long we would have these precious boys, but my prayer was that it would be long enough for them to learn all the words to that song.

Then, when they go back to their own families - when they grow up into smelly young men - when they are struggling with life; maybe then they will remember these words and it will take them back to a time when they knew what that love felt like.

I came across a photo yesterday of those curls and that dimple.  He was looking down but I knew what those eyes looked like.  Those green eyes.  Those green eyes laughing, crying, angry, hurt, ornery.  I saw lots of ornery!

He's all grown up now standing there - almost eleven.  I looked over every detail of that photo.  For a long time.  Where have the years gone?  Does he remember us?  Why was he wearing an OU shirt?

My prayer is that he will never forget the short time under our roof.  That we had some kind of God-impact on him.  I pray that he remembers rocking in the recliner, playing with the girls, and riding in Michael's truck singing the Songs of the West - really loud with hand motions.  I pray that he remembers going with Jade to softball games on the Pioneer bus and dancing with her in the living room while watching Dancing with the Stars.

There is so much I hope he remembers.  If he forgets everything - if they all forget everything - I pray often that they remember the words to that song.  Oh Jesus, please let them remember the words to that song.


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Marti said...

God will bring back into memory those things that we have seen and heard.