Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby A and Baby B

Baby A

We saw her heartbeat first after a week of believing neither baby made it.  It was beating hard and fast at just 2 weeks.  Unbelievable.

Who would have ever thought that this little double-crowned head that turned beet red when she screamed as a baby would grow up to have such compassion for people and love for the Lord?

We did.

She is the one who would begin saying "I love you" and holding as often as she could when she knew one of us was about to leave for awhile.  When the boys went off to college, and Kayla moved to Edmond she would be clingy for days.  Her good-byes lasted forever and she really grieved the absence before it ever happened.

She is the one that many confide in, young and old alike.  She takes seriously their hurts and many times gets hurt by the very same people she helped.  It is a little sad to me that she had to learn that lesson earlier than most.

She is the one that chooses quality time over service or gifts.  She still likes to be held in the rocker and not rushed to get up.  She loves Breakfast at Tiffany's and glamourous things.  That is why we picked the hat and gloves for one of her photos.  It is her.

She is the one who was always coming up with something to make her siblings laugh.  She was pretty successful at it, too.  Many times Kyle and Kayla would be in tears and Adam would be on the floor because we were all laughing so hard.  She made meal time quite entertaining.

She plays her guitar or ukelele all the time and would much rather be playing instruments in her room than watching television.

She wants to please.  She is learning that ultimately it is the Lord Who has to be pleased, not any one else.  Tough thing to learn.

We decided that Hannah Elyse would be a beautiful name for Baby A.

All grown up now and with school behind her, she is ready to see what the Lord's plans are for the rest of her life.  Please pray for her.  She is beautiful to me.

 They saw the water fountain and ran for it for some "water pictures".  Hannah thought it was gross, but it didn't bother Leah in the least.  That is probably why Leah is healthy.

 Womb mates.

Baby B

We saw the first heartbeat, but they said the second sac was half the size it was supposed to be so this baby wouldn't live.  As they were measuring with the ultrasound, I saw a heartbeat!  They told me not to get my hopes up because it probably wouldn't make it and if it did, it would have serious issues with renal problems, etc.  There were lots of prayers for Baby B through the next 34 weeks.  She was born perfect, with no problems at all.

Who would have thought that this little round head with tiny curls would grow up with such a heart for ministry and have such leadership qualities?

We did.

She is the one, who at three years old walking through the zoo, wanted to be the leader of the family and wasn't scared of any thing or any body.  I remember being surprised at her confidence in herself.

She is the one who brought a little stool, pillow, and book and set them outside our bedroom and said that was going to be her bedroom "by myself".  She liked her alone time and quiet, which was hard to come by in a house full of people.

She is the one I caught staring at an electrical box on the wall, trying to figure out what all those buttons were for.  Now she controls all the buttons for her daddy every Sunday at church.  She wired up a light for me last year outside.  She loves that kind of thing.

She is the one at the dinner table during all the laughter that we kept a close eye on because if she laughed too hard, she would get choked and throw up.  We all became very cautious when something funny took place at the table.

She is the one who, every Sunday, makes sure her daddy has his mic with a fresh battery, his guitar, and anything else he might need.  At the end of the service, she makes sure everything, including his glasses, are put back in his office so he won't have to look for anything.  She takes care of him and doesn't want anyone else to do it.  She ought to, she was named after him.

We decided that Leah Cim would be a beautiful name for Baby B.

All grown up now, she is ready to see what the Lord has planned for her.  
Please pray for her.  She is beautiful to me.


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I will be praying for both of them.