Monday, February 13, 2012

I Need to Throw Up

I need to throw up so I can get my work done 
so many things going on in my head like yesterday 
when I saw sweet pictures of new baby and family rejoicing 
then getting the call to go to the hospital and walked into a room of grief 
because mommy pushed out death instead of life 
and trying to make miracles out of photos that can bring comfort to hurting hearts
 and then today when I found out I scheduled two events at the same time
 at the same place wondering who would not be happy 
that we shared the big room in the house we worship in on Sunday 
walking back and forth between gifts piled up for nearly-weds 
to gifts piled up for quarter-century-weds 
then cooking for kids to eat before they hear from a heart that now only wants God
 and wondering if my kids only want God and pray they only want God 
that they have a passion for the heart of God 
and then read an email about getting a pink and green crown
 that unplugged the tear pipes to overflowing 
then coming home to laundry and grocery lists and to do lists 
swimming around in my head because they haven't found their way to paper yet
 and as much as I need to do before I close my eyes 
I feel like I need to throw it all up so 


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