Monday, February 1, 2010


Crepe - 1 a light, thin fabric with a wrinkled surface
2 black silk or imitation silk, formerly used for mourning clothes
3 a thin pancake

This morning I was driving and looked at my hands and the word crepe came to my mind. Maple syrup never even popped into my head. It didn't help that I saw an elderly lady in her swimsuit this morning. She was cute as she could be, but she looked like she was covered with definition #1. I know she looks precious in her clothes, but without them she could use some clothespins.

I don't like saggy skin so I've done my best to keep mine filled out. But I know the inevitable is coming. For over half a century I've scrubbed, tanned, lotioned, oiled, used, abused, and mistreated my covering. Always thought I had pretty good elasticity until the last few years. It just keeps getting looser. Makes me a little sad. Even if I was in great shape like that sweet little swimming grandma was, I would still be loose. That's where the mourning comes in from definition #2.

So to anyone who really gives a rip, I promise from here on out to keep my loose skin covered. Of course it's still filled out pretty well right now so it's not a lot to worry about just yet. As a matter of fact, that could be a good argument for eating a whole stack of definition #3.

6 thoughts:

bebe bird beck said...

I can barely stand it.

blevinsfamily said...

You crack me up...

Staci Danford said...

That had me laughing out loud.. HaHa.. I just asked Brook who stole me and gave me this lady in return.. I wanted my money back. haha After 40 I decided gravity is out to get me.

~Trina~ said...

Isn't this an interesting age. =)
One day several months ago, I was in the Target parking lot and looked over at an older woman whose face was covered in wrinkles. She was still pretty, but being the age I am, I was hit with this pain in my heart thinking about my face becoming..basically a roadmap. I don't mean that cruelly at all, but fact.

We never seem to appreciate the benefits of the age we are currently at. In a moment I looked up and she was staring at me too =) It hit me that she, like I've done many times, was looking over at what to her was a younger woman, and thinking "I wish I would have appreciated myself more when I was her age."

I think it was a God moment. I wish I could say it cured me of my "aging pains" completely. =) I still have those same thoughts, but God gently reminds me to think of that day at Target and I snap out of it until...the next time I have an "aging pain".

Loved your story!!!

Lil' Sprouts said...

You're my favorite.

Ash said...

Carol you really know how to word things! I love you and your sense of humor!!!!!