Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He's Given You the City

For six days the army circled Jericho.  One time around, once a day for six days.  The trumpets blew before the ark of the covenant, but the army was quiet.  They were told to not say a word.  They circled and they wondered.  Or did they pray to the Holy God of Israel?  I think they did.

On the seventh day they circled seven times.  They were quiet the first six times and then the seventh time Joshua commanded the army, "SHOUT!! For the Lord has given you the city!!"

When they shouted, the wall around the city fell.  It fell flat, except for one small part but that's another story.  The soldiers went in and took what they were told to get.  The enemy was defeated without anyone breaking a sweat.

I want my prayers to be powerful.  To knock down walls.  I want to circle those I love in prayer and shouts of victory.  Circle them and see God show His hand strong in their lives.

The girls and I go a couple of times a week to workout.  I walk on the track elevated above the basketball court while the girls work out on the treadmills.  Last week I was walking and praying.  The faster I walked the harder I prayed.  Telling God that I was circling Michael.  Circling my kids.  I looked down to the court below and saw them standing there.

I'm not crazy.  I'm visual.  I saw my boys standing proud and my girls bent over in grief from dreams unfulfilled or disappointments of other's actions.  I saw girls seeking answers and confused.  I saw wives who are called to show respect and husbands called to love their wives.  I saw my little grandbabies.  I saw Michael.

I prayed for those boys to show humility and the longer I prayed I saw them down on their knees bowing before the Savior, elevating others above themselves.  I prayed for girls to get past the sadness and hurt; and the longer I prayed I began to see them standing tall with hands in the air thanking Him for answers and peace.  I prayed for the wives and husbands and saw marriages sweet.

I prayed for the grandbabies and saw them as warriors for Jesus.

I prayed for Michael and saw him leading by example with a gentle spirit and God wisdom.  Leading his family and this body of believers to greater holiness.

On his knees.

I was walking on the outside but I was doing victory laps on the inside.  I was shouting because of a victorious Lord.

There is victory yet to be seen.  He has given the city.


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