Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You

Whenever I get a little discouraged, I think back on the things God has done in the hearts of people on this little piece of land on I-45.  He constantly reminded His people in the Old Testament of the things He had done for them and sometimes I need to be reminded as well.

These two photos, one taken about 4 years ago and the other about a month ago, remind me of all there is to be thankful for.

He continues to work.

So thankful for men whose hearts came to know Jesus after so many years walking without Him.

For seeing hard faces turn gentle.

For hearing laughter and encouragement instead of anger and criticism.

For, as one precious lady said, "snatching them right out of hell". (!)

For bringing me here to this place.

3 thoughts:

Stacie said...

Hi Carol, I linked up after you at Ann's again today. I must say, that baptism picture you share here is absolutely beautiful. :)

Erin said...

Love seeing hard faces turn gentle.

ArtyMarti said...

Just found your blog. What a wonderful picture of the baptism. It reminds me that God meets me where I am. I don't have to be in a fancy church with an upscale baptismal. God honors us where we are. I will be visiting often.