Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Busy

We started last weekend on Saturday morning with the Polka Fest parade. That is one of the longest parades ever. We had lots of people on the float and riding horses behind the float.

We grabbed a burger then went out to the church for the Car Show and Buckout going on until mid afternoon.

Then I went on to the house to continue getting things ready for the church picnic on Sunday evening at our house. Kayla, Rachel and Sam were coming in from Oklahoma and they brought a surprise. Actually, two surprises: Eli and Journey.

I always love when they come.

We went to church on Sunday morning then hurried home to put on the beans and make the hot sauce for the evenings' festivities.

Bob and Madeline came out about three to start cooking burgers and hotdogs.

Glenn helped a lot because Michael was meeting with a family who was about to bury their daughter.

I think we fed probably about 160-170 people. And probably that many chiggers, despite the attempts to eradicate them before the humans got there.

Overall it was a great, very full weekend.

Monday morning I wrote what I was thankful for in my 'Writing Down Grateful' book:

A yard full of trash after a yard full of party.

Cowboy Church of Ennis float in Polka Parade.

My man on his horse.

Church members riding in parade.

Choosing "Pastor's Favorite" award at Car Show at the church.

Garrett doing his thing - and doing it well.

Gene ready to help.

Dominoes at the picnic.

Relaxing and enjoying the fellowship at the house.

Sweet girls.

Volleyball game.

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