Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go Play Outside

Moms, how many times have you hollered* those words to your kids? Your husband? It gets them out of your hair and, after all, the clean, fresh air is good for them.

I walked outside yesterday and figured out that maybe we've done it wrong all these years. Maybe WE are the ones who needed to go outside to take in that God-breathed air.

Maybe it would clear our head. To hear Him better.

I had lots of things on my mind. Lots of things that needed to be prayed over.

I stepped out on to the newly painted porch (thank you kids for birthday Lowe's gift cards) and glanced up at the ceiling fan (thank you kids for the Mother's Day Lowe's gift cards) and I smiled. Thank you God for giving me kids who understand how I love Lowe's gift cards!

Love my cute little frog watering can!

Our baby chick went from Bed Baby Nursery to the Toddler room - adjusting well.

Wooden ice cream freezers should make even the hard-hearted smile a little bit.

We brought Spencer (AKA Delilah) home from the church to snack on the weeds in our old chicken pen. The girls named her Spencer then realized he was a she so changed her name. Eli still calls her Spencer because he likes that name. I went out to make friends with her because I think she is missing her buddies at the arena.

She liked me and I think she wanted me to take my shoes off and stay awhile. She untied my right shoe, then went straight to the left. Like she knew exactly what to do. Smart goat.

When I went back into the house to start on "stuff", I felt so much better.

My mind had cleared, I felt like I could hear Him.

Thank you Father, for sending me to play outside for awhile. I needed it.

* Texan for screamed

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