Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Doors We Open

A young woman walks into the bar and takes a seat, never knowing her little girl with brown curls and big brown eyes walked in right behind her. She was supposed to be home in bed, never seeing her mommy talking, laughing, and flirting with people she didn't know.

A thirty-something man takes the elevator to room 1150 and looks both ways before going in to meet someone other than his wife. He never sees his son follow him in and take a seat by the window until his idol, his daddy is ready to leave.

The grandpa with the critical spirit sits in his chair putting down any and every one who is different than him. His grandchildren are gathered at his feet as he goes on and on. All the while, he's thinking they are all in the other room.

We open the doors

They walk through.

There are things we have done in our past that our children may not know about but years later wonder why they struggle with staying out of certain rooms. In Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy the scripture tells us that the sins of fathers will visit the third and fourth generation.


We can board up those doors.

Those people in the Old Testament were under the old covenant, but we are not. Praise God, that because of the blood of Jesus, we are not bound to the sins of our ancestors. I stood at a graveside once and prayed that as the dirt fell over the shiny silver casket, that the sins of that man would be buried along with that body and not trickle down to his kids and grandkids.

So what if you've opened doors you now wish you hadn't? How do you protect your kids from those same mistakes?


You pray that Jesus the carpenter will pack up His tools, tear out that door frame and finish it out as a wall. In Song of Solomon 8:9-10 they are asking how to take care of their sister. Whenever I read verse 8 I always say it like a little chant -"We have a little sister and she . has . no . breasts." Not sure why. It's just kinda cute. Okay, so verse 9 says "If she is a wall we will build on her a battlement of silver. If she is a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar."

A place to fight off the enemy. A place of protection from the enemy.

Verse 10 says "I was a wall, and my breasts were like towers; then I was in his eyes as one who finds (or brings out) peace." Obviously this woman was in her late twenties, early thirties and never nursed a child. Hehe. Anyway, when we have our Carpenter board up that door for those we love so much, there is peace.

Peace for me to know I don't have to revisit that place. My sins are in the forgetfulness sea.

Peace for my kids to know they can't find that door. The masterful Carpenter repaired it so you would think it was never there.

Hammer on, sweet, sweet Jesus.

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Keri said...

i wow, this post means so much more to me now that I'm a mommy. I remember praying these things over my mother and then over me and my sisters that the depression that affected her daddy and has affected her would not touch me or my sisters... that was a sweet post thank u!!