Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The waters are a-stirrin'

Last week before we went to San Antonio for Jay and Suzanna's wedding, Michael pulled the horse trough in to get it ready to fill and heat for our baptisms on Sunday morning. We had two couples and another man that were ready to continue in their new journey by going through the waters. I was standing at the back, but the excitement went through the whole room until it was all over me. When Bill stepped in and two of his cowboy buddies stepped up to help get the 6'6" (or so) down, drenched, and back up again the emotion was great in me. When I saw him with such a heart for Jesus, I looked around to see where that sob came from. It came from me. It just slipped out. I was so moved by this man who was so moved by his Saviour.

Wendy got some pictures because I forgot my camera. I asked her to email them to me so I could share them with you. You can't help but be touched.

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