Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Baptism of Jay

Several weeks back Jay called Michael and was wanting to get together to talk about getting baptized before he and Suzanna got married. We needed to visit with them one last time to go over ceremony details so they came to town for dinner. Jay told us that he felt very strongly that the Lord was leading him to be baptized so that he could enter their marriage equipped to be the spiritual head. So sweet. He had accepted the Lord several years back but hadn't gone through those waters.

We set it up to do it before their rehearsal on Friday. It was cool and drizzling outside. The water was freezing. The joy he showed when he came up out of those chilly waters, I suspect, even warmed the dog. Suzanna, her mom, Michael and I were there to witness his step of obedience to the Lord. I absolutely LOVE this picture of him and Suzanna.

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