Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Sunday

We didn't dye easter eggs this year. We washed mud off of shoes with a water hose as people came into the building. We didn't eat ham, we had the best hamburgers and hot dogs you ever lapped a lip on. It was sweet. Oh, wasn't it sweet. Greg McDougal sang some songs and shared some testimony and it sure touched the heart. As I was sitting there I kept thinking that something didn't feel right and was hoping that our close quarters in the other building wasn't what made things seem like family. I was anxious for Michael to preach and when he started, oh my, everything inside me went "this is it! this is it! This is what this building is for - to speak the Word over the people who walk through those doors. To let them know every Sunday that we serve a ressurected Lord, which gives us a reason to get out and work! Thank You Jesus for showing me the sweetness of that." There were 470 people tracking mud in that new home Sunday. That mud was beautiful. At first we were told 463 but they came back and said they forgot to count the cooks. Our cooks are important to us so we had to throw them in the mix.

Thank you for praying. Continue to do so, if you don't mind. We aren't through and it will be a process, but in the meantime the family is growing and the needs are adding up. There is a lot of work to do.

It just keeps getting sweeter.

2 thoughts:

neecie said...

I was wondering when u would get some pics up. It looks awesome and as the famous voice from "Field of Dreams" says, "If you build it they will come!" God knew all along what he was doing when he placed you guys there. Keep it rollin'.

lauren clark said...

How wonderful Carol!!! I want to come and visit you in the fall and come to your church!