Thursday, January 8, 2009

We got it special for you . . .

When we walked into the house at Mom's for Christmas, my little nephew Hayden came straight up to Michael and told him that he drew Michael's name for the gift giving time. Then he said "You will love it. We got it special for you!" I do believe that before we sat down to open gifts Hayden had asked everyone there if they could keep a secret, and if the answer was yes, then he whispered into their ear the gift he got for Michael adding that he got it "special for him". He was so excited. When we all sat for the "opening", Hayden sat in the chair closest to where Michael was sitting. He wasn't going to miss this. I didn't want to miss it either. Hayden's face, that is. I wanted to see the joy of giving on this little guy's face. I wasn't disappointed.

Denise became our sister when mom married her dad. She was fourteen. Mom kept us up on all her sporting events. She was a great athlete. Her dad had been raising her since she was a young girl. She watched as her sister went through chemo treatments and finally lost her life to leukemia. Shawn's mom also died of cancer, after months of care from Shawn. He told us once that his mom hated missing church even though she was too weak to even walk. He would take her to church, carry her in and sit her down so she could worship. Denise married Shawn after going to college and they moved to Lubbock. Not long after they married, his little sister was killed in a car accident. These two have walked through a lot.

In the last several years, they found a church in Lubbock they just love. They are raising their precious boys to love the Lord and serve Him. It has been beautiful to watch them grow. They are doing an amazing job with their boys, but also with other kids they have the priviledge to coach or love on at church. Anyone who knows them can see their heart of service for the Lord. You can keep up with them on her blog Every time I read it I thank the Lord for what He has done in their lives. I sure do love you guys. Hayden, Michael loves his Cowboy Cross. Thank you for showing us the joy in giving.

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neecie said...

Thanks for the post. It made Shawn cry(Mr.Emotional). Hayden is going to love it.