Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frannie connecting to Meemaw

I did a post last April about Sandy and Mac. Sandy prays for me as if she gave birth to me and I love her a bunch. Last Monday at our ladies' Bible study her phone went off while she was in the closet with several other ladies (don't ask) and her ring tone was a baby laughing. The other ladies loved it and asked Leah and Hannah if they could blue tooth it to their phones. They were laughing about it later because one of them had Sandy's phone and the other had someone else's phone and the phone said "Frannie connecting to Meemaw". Sandy's grandkids call her Frannie. I love that. The girls thought it was so cute how the women had their "grandma names" on their phones.

We were studying Titus 2 that night about how the older women are to teach the younger women. The word for teach there is "to restore to one's senses, to disciple, to hold one to her duty, to call along side, to comfort". Isn't that beautiful? They are to teach the younger women to be sober. That means they are to not take in anything that would keep them from being clear headed. That they are sharply aware of all that is going on. Then they are to be taught to love their husbands and children. This means "love in action for the glory of God" and "tender affection". Whoa. We are to show tender affection for them even if we don't feel it because it glorifies God. I believe with all my heart that if we do it out of obedience to God, He fills our heart full of love for them. We don't have to do it out of our own ability. He gives us the capacity to love when we feel like we can't. I remember when Robby first came to our home. He had been there for several days and I pretty much let the girls do the holding and playing while I did busy "Mom" things. I started praying that God would love that little boy through me because I didn't know if I could make a heart connection on my own. One morning I was standing at the mirror putting on makeup and I heard this little voice down behind me say "Mommy?" I turned around and knelt down and took that little auburn haired boy to my chest and held him. From that day on I held him with my arms and held him with my heart. Not because I was a caring, loving person, but because I asked God to love this little guy using my heart. My arms. My voice. He did. Boy, did He ever.

You don't have to be a Frannie or Meemaw to teach younger women. Look around and see who God has put into your life for you to encourage.

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Nina said...

What lives you are touching through this blog! Keep them coming Sweet Carol. Have a blessed weekend.