Saturday, January 10, 2009

Humor me, please

The holidays seemed so different this year just because we didn't have Thanksgiving at the house and we didn't celebrate Christmas together with our kids until New Years. Even then we only had about 9 hours to eat two meals, open gifts, take pictures, burn the Christmas tree and wrestle. It was a sweet 9 hours. We enjoyed being together so much. Sat in the livingroom with four guitars. Hannah entertained with her newest songwriting venture "Spicy Burrito" mainly to get a laugh out of her older siblings. It worked. We crammed as much love as we could into those few hours.

Before Kayla and Kevin left, we burned Adam's tree. Back when we were in Snyder we would take our tree down on Adam's birthday and instead of blowing out candles on a cake we lit the Christmas tree. I don't care how old a person gets, they will never see that much fire on a cake to celebrate a birthday. Once in Stillwater the wind was up and we chased that burning tree across the side lot of our house! It was neat to be able to do it again here in Chatfield. Since we didn't have time to get ours down, they brought theirs! It was sweet to see the girls all in their matching pjs.

On Friday Jade dressed Eli in his halloween costume so we could see what he looked like. He was the cutest little hot dog you ever did see. I feel like we miss so much being so far away. That is okay. We know how to make up for lost time. Just give us a few hours.

2 thoughts:

Nina said...

What a beautful family!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love yall

The Barnyards said...

Ok!! You've convinced me...I want 6 children now!!!!! :) I love how your family is growing!! Yay!!