Thursday, February 7, 2013

He Said Yes

It was yes to more than just a mate.  It was yes to three kids and a big girl learning to be a mom.  There were kinks to work out and growing to do, but we made a choice to do both.  
It never stopped being about choice.  The choice was to lay down our own desires to meet the other's needs.  Every single day.

It is remembering that the words "I deserve (more, better)" were never uttered from Jesus' mouth, so how do we dare?  We worked through.  
What I found was that when you line it up with the Word, it makes it so much easier.  But, then again, all of life is like that, isn't it?  Just line it up?

When he says beautiful but the mirror screams something else, I choose to look in his mirror  and believe what he says.  He makes me feel more beautiful and desirable than I am.  When the ugly does pop out, he steers it back to beautiful.  How did I ever become so blessed?

And almost every night when we lay like spoons in a drawer, the words come out either feminine or masculine, "this is my favorite place in all the world".  All the world.  This yes place.

Engagement  2003

Yes to three kids.  Aren't they all so cute?

Let's make it an even half dozen! 

I'm so grateful to the Lord for the last twenty years.  I am ready for the next twenty. I love the thought of growing old with this man.


5 thoughts:

Becca said...

I love the two of you, how you love each other, and how you let that love spill out to others. What an amazing story God has been writing with you and Michael - I can't wait to 'read' 20+ more years worth!!!

Joannah said...

You have a beautiful family! Congratulations. :)

kuliejellogg said...

You won't likely remember me, but I remember you - well! I worked a bit for Michael/Tom at UHBC in the summer of 2000. Looking back I realize I wasn't as invested as I should have been. This certain (male) someone kept turning my head, and he's been turning it for 13 years now. :) Excuse aside, what I did notice was yours and Michael's love for the Lord, for each other, and for your children. You were an inspiring example, and it appears you still are. Congratulations!

kuliejellogg said...

And I remember so vividly when you talked about how God reached right out and hugged you as a husband when you were lonely in your bed. That struck me so profoundly. I hadn't thought of God as so personal until you shared that. Thank you! And how you loved and ENJOYED your children. Oh, and your fry bread. I definitely remember that. I have longed for some several times since. Delicious.

The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

What a great post. God bless your new year together!